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Friday, May 14, 2010

Conflicting Rays

Suraj Ghale
People often say 'History is made' but in my openion its obvious and continuous. Yeah! some dreadful moments are unforgettable and become popular part of History. So is the situation of our contry since the EVOLUTION of Mr. Prachandji. I wish if he was born in another country so that at least our country would have been a better place to live.

Ritesh Khadka
Saurabh Lamsal
Yeah...comletely disagreed...only u'rent 2 live here...sir...every minorities,poor,hungry people shud have equal rts n' opertunities...thats what he has tried 2 ensure...2days republic nepal is becoz of his leadership...sir can u say if not prachanda then who do u think is doin gud 2 nation...?

Suraj Ghale
Ritesh why disagree ha????

Dpak Malla
now i say ..kings autocracy was far better than present republic nepal...atleast at that time we good people were surviving with peace and no fear.......but now there is no law.....people are becoming "CHHADA"........and doing what ever they want......
Saurabh Lamsal
WE GUD PEOPLE...?,those who think just abt themselves r neva said gud...cmon guys be+ve abt wat we've achieved...the world admires it...hope is indirect fuel for success...lets hope 4 don turn back..march ahead my soldiers...
Binaya Bhattarai
Yap saurabh i completely agree with u
Abhi Abhishek
yah saurabh bro agreed with u
Ritesh Khadka
@suraj sir: ali chitta bujhena sir.......its nt only peace we need....sovereignity matters the most for me.....rather i think thr r many others who shudnt hav been bornd....its not abt me...its abt us...its about all of us...and i think is not that wrong..........
Charu Panthi Ly
right sir
Nawajeewan Panthi
YES SIR.....

Suraj Ghale
Disagreement on my note ‘criticism of Mr. Prachand’ shows suface thinking. Implementation of ‘Prachandpath’ in Nepal and presenting this path as an extracted residue of ‘Marxism’ or ‘Maoism’ for sovereignty and development in the context of Nepal is just like a ‘MIRAGE’. Nepal is made by the people living here and thei...r right to live and progress shouldn’t be overlooked just for the sake of ‘a change’.

Saurabh Lamsal
sir malai marxism maoism thaha 6aina tara yetti thaha 6a ki sabaiko progress hunupar6a......hajurko mero or hamro circle ko matrai hoina......sabaiko..........hajurko point hamro progress ko lagi definitely relevant 6a......tara long term ma herne ho bhane yo view le kahile pani marginalized comunities lai uplift xample is sir lets think what applies well to us,in a country wid such vast diversity......not what did gud to others.

Suraj Ghale
I understand your feeling dear!!! I don't say that their viewpoint is wrong. Its not. Actually, viewpoint of none of political party is wrong. But, to make a real potrait from virtual imagination is very difficult. We are not living in a jungle my dear boy. We are global human now. What the world can't digest, we cant have appetite too.

Binaya Bhattarai
Sir ,for the change to achieve there must be struggle, try not to look from only your perspective. If we look back to history of anywhere..No country has achieved peace without struggle..this is only the beginning phase, when our missions will be achieved than i am sure that you will more than satisfied..

Suraj Ghale
Struggle against whom.... against a democratic & republic government or against a common people. We are no more ruled by Ranas or Shahs dear.

Saurabh Lamsal
sir did u read cover page story "SATYA SAHANASAKNE SAHAS CHHA BHANE"by bijaya kumar in nagarik news paper......dated may 7.......? it so nice and influencing.....

At last..
Suraj Ghale
We live in the 21st Century and adoption of unsuccessful laws and ethics (only fossils available in few countries, countable on my left hand’s fingers) presented hundreds of years ago doesn’t look relevant.

Communism is lucrative to many of us along with me. But, I’m not an indispensable part of it. Development requires catalysts, that’s true but effort has to be put by an individual.
'Survival of the fittest‘ was quite true for ancient humans and it has become ‘a trade mark’ for modern days humans. Government is; indeed, the institution which should look after the betterment of the citizens. With this, I have no sympathy with those humans who wants everything to pursue without moving a ‘Earning’ and ‘looting’ are two poles …. May the Lord give brain to Mr. Prachandji.

Viewpoint of none of political party is wrong. But, to make a real potrait from virtual imagination is very difficult. We are not living in a jungle. We are global human now. What the world can't digest, we don't have appetite too.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hidden Rays....

Its wonderful to meet your old friend and off course, measure of delight is much higher when s/he is your school mate. I am admirer of modern technology; despite few hullabaloos; for its unrestrained horizon. ‘FACEBOOK’ allowed me to get connected with some of my school mates with whom I never expected to meet. ‘Prem Bahadur Gurung’ from Pokhra, Nepal; my college mate in Calcutta; and ‘Seema Ghai’ from India; my school mate in Subathu (H.P.), India; are two of such kinds. Life is an adventure an journey is sweetened when we are accompanied by our friends …. Hidden Rays!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anonymous Ray

My every visit to Gorkha United Higher Secondary School (GUHSS) pertain lots of unknown satisfaction with a glare at content students, mobilized teachers and staffs and concerned management. Its not long ago, I left my old profession (teaching) and company of GUHSS yet, visible sign of growth of the institution always spreads 'Anonymous' Rays of competency in me.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


RED RAYS is evident when The Sun rises as well as when it sets. It was the sign of ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ of chronic battle; exposure of RED water of the boy in the field; in the past ….. long long ago. Now, RED RAYS has lost its significance.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Introduction of modern technology has separated an individual from another also has stolen traditional behavior of human since its evolution. BLUE RAY is the only thing now human is not using for communication.